babes in bathers is an independent swimsuit label based in new york. all pieces are hand-printed, dyed, and constructed to fit in water, cherish the body and the sport. we hope that by wearing our swimsuits, women and men will take pride in their real and authentic forms.

photographers : mayan toledano, noa rennert, maayan sherris, tom kneller   /  video : efrat kashai   /  models : rachel sherris, mayan toledano, orian barki, inbal rose, sofy mesa, julia baylis, maya roo, katya kilongo, gabby richardson , e'lan brewer, anaiyah brewer, taylor armbrister, max hemphill, elle rotstein, dave aldous, charley greenfield, mattan genossar, daniel orenshtein, gidon tobias, ari ben dror, yarden capon, or harpaz, david lucido & max stmbr   /  copywriter :  renata mosci

all rights reserved